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I’m looking for some forward-thinking Instructors to join our growing numbers here at TRISTAR.

You may have been, or indeed still are, on a Franchise and maybe you’re yearning for that feeling of independence, whilst retaining a connection to a larger company.

TRISTAR operates a client-centred policy – something reflected in our offers and advertisements; for example, we have just launched our new and innovative “Flexi-Intensive” Courses, where the lesson plan and structure are discussed with pupils and if they wish, with their parents.

We are also promoting Refresher Courses, which include a “Mums & Dads Skills Tune-Up” module, enabling parents to refresh their skills in line with DSA requirements for the practical driving test.

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We have our “Grab A Cheeky Deal” promotion which is intended to run throughout the summer months – and perhaps beyond, depending on popularity.

And popularity is the operative word at the moment, with our existing associates reporting excellent feedback, from Scotland down to Essex.

As a TRISTAR associate you will have your own fully editable website, featuring your own contact details, enabling prospective pupils to contact you directly; it’s the same for your roof-box – yes we expect the TRISTAR name to be displayed but we encourage our Associates to display their own contact number – be that landline or mobile.

We use a nationally-accredited company to optimise our Web sites, using the latest technology and we include the enthusiastic contributions from our existing Instructors – photographs and short videos are the most popular.

As a TRISTAR Associate Instructor, you will retain all the advantages you enjoy as an independent Instructor, whilst also enjoying the combined marketing power of a fast-emerging, switched on company like TRISTAR.

We will collate information from you, which will enable us to build your unique, person page on our website; representing your first significant saving. Then the monthly SEO, as previously stated, will also be taken care of by virtue of your contribution to us.

As we only ask for a modest amount, it is expected that our Associates will do their bit in terms of regular Facebook and Twitter posts; we appreciate the need for our Associates wanting to boost their own interests locally – and anyone doing this will receive 100% support – but the TRISTAR Brand is important to us in the marketplace and the development of our Brand is therefore paramount.

We don’t currently have a policy of signed contracts, though it is envisaged that future Associates will be asked to sign a professional agreement, in terms of giving adequate notice of termination, to name but one reason.

So please call us for a chat – contact me or Fran.

Our numbers 01270 879435, 07824 901713 (Fran) 07581 421415 (Mike)

Your only outlay, after you have purchased your sign and/or graphics, will be £21.92 per week (equiv) which equates to the cost of a one hour driving lesson.


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