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Many Franchises are considered expensive and can provide a disappointing Return on Investment.

Many Franchises are considered by some ADIs & PDIs, to be a magic wand that opens the door to the supply of new pupils; sadly, this is seldom the case.


At TRISTAR we are offering franchise opportunities on three separate levels, all at a comparatively low cost and a cost that reflects our level of involvement in your business.


Below, you will find one option that will uniquely serve your professional interests, whilst enabling you to be truly independent.

We use, we believe, one of the leading companies in the UK to look after our ongoing Website SEO and Social Media Optimization.

The world of Driving Instruction is fast becoming a place where prices are being driven-down and overheads are climbing – result? Your net profit will start to diminish and like many, you may begin to question the viability of the profession you worked long and hard to join.


Take a look at how we can reduce your overheads and, with the additional benefits on offer like Sales and Marketing advice, see how we can also help your business to become more viable.

Many schools now seem to offer the “First Lesson FREE” or “Free This or That” when in reality, like the man said, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Perhaps it was the same man who said “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!”

Whilst we’re looking at prudent quotes, perhaps a recent one is equally applicable – “If you think it’s expensive to hire an expert – wait until you hire an amateur.”

Our aim at TRISTAR is to provide total value for money, whether this be to our pupils or to our Associates.

We don’t claim to supply you with endless new pupils – but then again we don’t charge you for this facility either.

What we offer are the three levels of involvement with TRISTAR and one is right for you.

We provide your shop window to the world, by providing a multi-page website with BLOGS, a YouTube Channel.

Like a retail outlet would, we also supply you with a regular merchandising service – unless you would prefer to deal with your own products in your own shop window.


How about Internet Marketing and Social Media Optimization – not quite your thing perhaps?

Let our Internet Marketing Company guide you through this potential minefield, with online or one-to-one advice.


Hopefully, because you are so busy doing the job you trained long and hard to do, you may find the more mundane tasks to be time consuming – returning calls, quoting for new pupils, advice on theory tests or driving tests – “what’s this independent driving about?” and even “What will happen on the day of my test?”


TRISTAR has indeed got the complete package for you – or as complete as you require.

In this increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s becoming harder for ADIs to survive without joining the cut-price-offers club, hence reducing profitability.

Add to this the rising cost of fuel, car servicing, spares – and your overheads will start to erode your margins still further.


Then you may wish to invest in a website – brilliant idea – though this, along with the necessary monthly SEO will reduce your net income still further.


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