What is the average number of driving lessons to pass test in UK?

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I recently saw the following on an internet forum and became very interested, in view of the comments and hypotheses floating around from pupils and increasingly, from parents who insist it seems, that “getting the best deal (they mean cheapest deal) is the ideal way to equip their teenage son or daughter with enough knowledge and experience to deal with the rigours of today’s maniacal road network. The following are comments expressed by two young drivers NOT ADIs.

1/ “I’ve had about 30 lessons now and still not been put in for test by my instructor. Don’t know if he’s  ripping me off or not – I feel I can drive a car well but my instructor pulls me up on every minor thing i.e. going slightly wide round a corner once in a blue moon; any advice? – Feeling frustrated. “

2/ 30 lessons is not very many, I took well over 50 and according to my instructor is about what is recommended by the driving standards agency. However, if you feel you are ready, I would suggest talking to your instructor about putting in for the test. The test date will be a few weeks / months (depending on where you live) from the date you book it. Also, you can cancel a test up to (I think) 10 days before and get a full refund if you really are not ready. Would it be possible to arrange a mock test with a different instructor from your driving school? This can be a very good idea to see how you cope with driving under test conditions (a stranger sitting with you, not saying anything, looking stern and marking a clipboard).

A word of warning:

 I will say though, that I took a few tests before I was ready and failed a few times. A few failed tests is a big blow to your confidence and is also expensive. You may be better off with a few more lessons if you are not able to get time behind the wheel with a friend/ relative.


TRISTAR is committed to producing safer drivers – not just those who can survive a 38 minute test.

TRISTAR has also provided your training at a cost which is significantly below the UK national average, for a one hour driving lesson. Yours first 10 will cost you £15-90 each with TRISTAR (£159 for ten) and £180 for ten thereafter.




Currently, Nationals  rates are £26-£27 per hour, or part thereof. Independents may charge anything from £18 to £25 per hour. Interestingly (or not, as the case may be!), the Driving Instructors’ Association calculate that instructors need to be charging £27.50 per hour to make an average wage for an average weeks work. Most are, therefore, running at a loss or working incredible hours to make up for low rates.

Anyway, remember that, as with most things in life, cheapest is by no means always best. But, to answer your question, allow around £22 per hour or thereabouts and you should be ok.** The average number of professional lessons it takes to pass the test is 45 plus 23 hours private practice**


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