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Franchise Option A


This is the first of three BLOGS, inspired by the comments received from our current and prospective Associate Instructors.

Now I realise that everyone out there thinks there’s no such thing as a free lunch – and you would be right. Everything is judged on merit and benefit to the individual; a man who had gone without food for a week would not necessarily question the merits of a free lunch – his first thought wouldn’t be “What’s the catch?”

Likewise, Perhaps the ADI who has already contributed hundreds – if not thousands to a monthly franchise, may look at our Option “A” and ask us “What’s the catch?”

There isn’t one.

Because in reality, our Franchise Option “A” isn’t a ‘free lunch’ because it costs the individual £60 per month [or £13.85 per week].

For this amount, the Associate would receive the collective benefits of belonging to a growing and progressive driving school, which now covers from Essex to Edinburgh.

The principal benefit would be, as with our other options, the Associate’s freedom to be completely independent whilst reaping the benefits of our aggressive, ongoing SEO and the unrestricted use of his own editable website.

Advice is always on hand too!

Perhaps you are a relatively new ADI and you’re currently finding your way through the maze of your new profession; or perhaps you have subscribed to an expensive franchise for some time and have now decided that the time is right to go it alone – but what are the pitfalls? – How best to finance an effective website – which, incidentally is completely useless without the implementation of SEO such as the standard that we offer.

BLOGS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+


How do I utilise Social Media in order to boost my rankings with Google?

How much is a website? – But just a minute, a GOOD website?

How much SEO will I need to ensure good visibility – and at what cost?

How would I target promotions?

Where would I turn for help if and when I need it?


Maybe now is the time to drop me an email to and ask for a copy of our TRISTAR e-Book.

Check out our website and speak to any of our current Instructors.

Then, when you consider the usual true cost of becoming an independent ADI, perhaps you might consider the multiple benefits of becoming a TRISTAR Associate Instructor.

Unlike the Franchise you may have come to accept – perhaps over many years – TRISTAR’S isn’t just a money-pit, into which you throw your several hundred pounds each and every month.

Your contribution is spent on the maintenance and improvement of your OWN website and a subscription to one of the UK’s top Internet Marketing Companies.

There is NO CONTRACT, so no constraints. As I said before, you have independence within a collective or collaboration.

OPTION “A” is a basic package, perhaps suited to the more experienced ADI who prefers not to spend a large amount on a website and ongoing maintenance, whilst remaining “one of the gang.”

So why not look at our Option ”A” – why not look at all three and decide which one suits you best.

Remember, the cost of Option “A” is £13.85 per week, which is way below the limits of a budget driving lesson.


Visit  and read how we can kick-start your independent career.





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