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More and More People Say They’re Glad They Chose


And why? – Our prices have always been competitive and our service has always been of the highest quality – so nothing unusual there.  THEY REALLY LIKE US !!

Could it be because of the way we place our pupils right at the centre of any decision making process?

Could it be our close attention to the smallest detail or to our pupils’ slightest query?

It could be – but it isn’t!

It may well be our choice of Instructors, because we only accept into Tristar, good quality people – not the glory-boys who barge through our door waving fantastic pass-rates (though ours are some of the best) or proclaiming their Grade.


Our Instructors are very highly trained it’s true but they have a far more precious quality – and that is they have a history of dealing with people on a one-to-one basis and each can demonstrate an impeccable track-record.

We get numerous telephone calls and emails into our central office, from pupils who are still learning and those who have passed their tests.

07824 901713

In our Central Office area, there are very many successful past pupils who would attest to our coaching methods – people who never believed they would ever drive.

Take a look at

And also:

But the good news doesn’t end there! – we have Instructors from Essex to Edinburgh, so wherever you live, give Tristar a call and let us tell you all about how YOU could work as a team-member and not just have to sit there and be talked at.

Darren in Wickford Essex, is a very successful Instructor with a calm yet professional brand of Instructional expertise. His pupils are almost sorry when they pass – because it then means they no longer share that quality time with Darren.

Check him out at

Up in the beautiful Kingdom of Fife, we have Robert whose first-time pass record is formidable. He also believes in our ethos of client-centered learning and he seems to go from one success to another; little wonder he is our most requested instructor!

You can see his page at:

To continue this brief sample of Tristar’s onboard expertise:

In the East Midlands we have Chris, who again attracts pupils at a rapid rate. Chris lives in Mansfield but covers Nottingham as well as his own area and again has a very enviable record of first-time passes. If you want to join the growing band of successful pupils over in the East Midlands, you should check out his page at:

Moving slightly south, we have Derek, a native Scot who found fame and fortune in Manchester, where he currently operates as our Intensive Course Specialist and our Pass-In-A –Week guru. He operates between Manchester and Stoke on Trent and is truly an artist when it comes to inspiring young people and filling them with the confidence to pass their test.

Whilst you’re visiting our websites – and I really recommend the trip – please take some time to look at our TESTIMONIALS page. These are totally genuine appraisals from pupils who have successfully passed their driving test with Tristar.

Have a look – Have a think – and then pick up the ‘phone just as they did and before you know it, you’ll also be proclaiming your success from the rooftops.


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