Refresher Courses

How could one of our Refresher Courses suit you?

You might be a recently qualified driver – maybe you took one of those “pass in a week” courses and now find the prospect of driving alone to be very daunting – have you thought about refresher courses from Tristar Driving School?

You may never have driven in the dark, or perhaps you never quite mastered roundabouts, (why you received a couple of faults on you test perhaps).

You may have spent many years abroad or in fact, be a recent arrival to the UK and our road systems may seem a bit of a mystery.

Maybe you have a son or daughter who is having driving lessons and you want to offer them some private practice as an accompanying driver or is it just the thought of getting on that Motorway that causes your blood to run cold?

All our Course Instructors are Driving Standards Agency approved and have qualifications well in excess of the usual learner driving school level. They will assess your driving skills and then discuss and implement the training to suit your requirements. our instructors are patient, courteous and very professional, so you know you are receiving the best guidance from the best people, as they help you to refresh your driving skills in a relaxed and easy going way.