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Many years ago, after subscribing to a monthly franchise with a large national Driving School, I decided (like many before me) that it was time to go it alone.

I found one of those advertised DIY websites, duly completed the necessary details and then …………………………..nothing!

I found that by subscribing further, I could avail myself of a mild form of SEO but was assured that, in order to join the “big boys” it would cost me considerably more than I was then paying.

So, there I was – Independent but with no work coming in, yet I still had my car costs to find.

By chance, I met an ex colleague in a local test centre who quickly refocused my ideas about internet marketing – who to consult and why, what to do and what to expect.

The results can be seen on Tristar Driving’s website – a multi-page affair with a very extensive blog post section and YouTube channel.


Meeting the Big Boys Head-on

How can you compete with the larger, national driving schools that have large online marketing resources? Traditional, print based media such as newspapers are less effective so advertising in these might be ineffective.  Many younger people use smartphones to search for driving schools and their parents also do this increasingly – so why not maximise your opportunities by giving them smartphone access to your business?

Advances in Internet technology enable us to attract customers away from the so-called Big Boys, the big national brands – you just have to identify and pursue your target-market and effective SEO like ours is the ideal tool to do that.


Join TRISTAR and benefit from our massive exposure…..

  • Your business information needs to be all over the Internet.  This includes the full legal name of your business, your contact information, address (or service area, if you prefer not to display an address), website, hours of operation, product/service categories, driving directions, and other optional information.
  • The Internet is a very cost-effective way to advertise our products and services and with Professional SEO we’re also making it easier for customers to find us – the customers who are already talking about us – only now they don’t have to trawl through pages of information because SEO is directive and helps to channel interested customers to our site, thus helping us to manage our reputation.


  • Not Just On Your Own Doorstep.


No matter where a company is based, new customers can be reached virtually anywhere – massively helpful when, Like TRISTAR, a company is active in several different areas.


  • Images and videos.  Young people love multimedia.  With the Facebook generation, small snippets of information are better than long paragraphs, a picture speaks a thousand words, etc.  But long blog posts are great for search engines and the more discerning reader who likes to read around the subject.


Tristar is able to offer you the means to achieve success by developing your business in the areas detailed above.

Franchise Option B

Our “Option B” – by far our most popular package, having all the features previously outlined in Option “A”.  PLUS – not just advice on SEO and Social Media Optimisation – your page will be included in our on-going internet marketing initiative.

You can also avail yourself of bespoke promotional activity, to suit marketing trends in your particular area.

All for a modest cost of £89 per month –or “£20:53 per week” – about the average cost of one driving lesson.


To hear more about your potential future opportunities, Call us today on 01270 879733 or 07581 421415.


You can also visit the Opportunities section of our website




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