No Need to Tax the Brain When Taxing the Car

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I live on a quiet country lane, with only the occasional rambler or dog-walker passing my gate.

It was one of the latter – a little old guy with an impatient terrier – who tapped me on the shoulder as I walked towards my parked car.

“You need to put some tax on that mate – hell of a fine if yer caught yer know.”

I explained how the government had introduced changes In October 2014, meaning that drivers need no longer display the paper tax disc, as the details would be held at DVLA anyway and any drivers not having a taxed vehicle would show up on the sophisticated Automatic Number plate Recognition device (ANPR), carried by the majority of Police traffic vehicles.

He seemed a little unconvinced, so I showed him the details on my cell phone.

“But you can still tax your car at the Post Office I suppose?”

Yes I replied but added that it was quicker to do it online if he had access to a computer.

I showed him the link:


He just needed to look at his vehicle tax reminder (V11 or V85/1) and quote the 16 digit reference number. Alternatively, he could use the 11 digit reference number from his vehicle’s registration document (V5C).

One of the main changes is that when you buy a car, the tax is no longer transferred with the vehicle but you can use the V5C2 New Keeper portion of the V5C registration document online at


If you prefer, or for those who live in Northern Ireland, you can tax the vehicle at a Post Office.

He still bore the same cynical look as we parted company and his four-legged companion yapped its way down the lane.

Just then, a head wearing a flat cap appeared over the garden gate next door.

“Aye but my son regularly travels abroad with his job and those French and German Bobbies are keen as mustard!”

I assured him that the DVLA have told the European Union that, as of October first twenty-fourteen, any vehicle registered in the UK, being driven in the EU will no longer display a tax disc.

Our Instructors have recently found it necessary to give the same reassurances to several parents, who seemed less than keen for their son or daughter to learn in a driving school car which seemingly flaunted the tax regulations.

One of the unexpected queries I heard recently was what to put in the disc holder, in place of the tax disc – so I handed the question to our Instructors, who came up with several suggestions – the best of which I’ve included below.


  • How about your poppy? – It fits nicely inside the polythene holder.
  • Medical Information – (Diabetic, Haemophiliac)
  • Ask me about our great lesson deals! Or predictably,
  • “Who nicked my Tax Disc?”


But don’t worry, there are bound to be teething troubles and just as we all start to get used to these changes, I hear there are further ones to be announced shortly concerning the paper driving license – but that’s another Blog.

Whilst you’re surfing the internet to gather information on the above, why not check us out?


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