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INSTRUCTORS! Here is the third in my series of BLOGS, to highlight the benefits of joining us whilst still maintaining your freedom and independence.


Join TRISTAR and benefit from our massive exposure…..

Our “Option C” gives you everything from options B & C AND MORE.

ü  Half-Price In-Car Coaching Days (Free for you if you bring two friends)

ü  FREE Advice and Internet Marketing Line

ü  Your Own Virtual P.A. to make all those Call-backs for you/ Book Tests etc


For £110 per month (£25.38 weekly equivalent)



Tristar’s undivided attention to furthering your business through our First Class, ongoing SEO programme, involving Social Media optimisation too!


  • Your business information needs to be all over the Internet.  This includes the full legal name of your business, your contact information, address (or service area, if you prefer not to display an address), website, hours of operation, product/service categories, driving directions, and other optional information.
  • The Internet is a very cost-effective way to advertise our products and services and with Professional SEO we’re also making it easier for customers to find us – the customers who are already talking about us – only now they don’t have to trawl through pages of information because SEO is directive and helps to channel interested customers to our site, thus helping us to manage our reputation.
  • Not Just On Your Own Doorstep.

No matter where a company is based, new customers can be reached virtually anywhere – massively helpful when, Like TRISTAR, a company is active in several different areas.


  • Images and videos.  Young people love multimedia.  With the Facebook generation, small snippets of information are better than long paragraphs, a picture speaks a thousand words, etc.  But long blog posts are great for search engines and the more discerning reader who likes to read around the subject.


  • Deals and offers.  Are these on your websites?  ……. They certainly ought to be, otherwise you may be simply relying on word-of-mouth to promote your business. Like I said about the big supermarkets and retail chains, if you don’t tell the world what’s on offer, no-one else will.


  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials. Are these on your websites?  …….why would anyone return to your website without having these?  Having recent passes is fine to build credibility and trust but people revisiting your website want to do so in the expectation of seeing something new – otherwise it’s a case of “same old, same old” and they move on to where there is variety and change.


  • Faith and Trust. People using the internet are not renowned for being the most patient and are always looking for a high quality, rewarding experience. A company needs to feature near the top of page one on Google to be viewed with any serious credibility and this is exactly what our Practitioner is doing constantly. Like us, he knows that Google is a highly trusted search engine – people consult Google before anywhere else. Hasn’t it become a catch phrase, “Think I’ll Google it?”


  • Directing Traffic.  No, I don’t mean like the Police Officer at the busy junction. Many people I speak to announce that they have a website and on checking it out, it’s graphically pretty good, in fact just like a photograph that is going to sit on their desktop without producing any worthwhile results. Now their website may be one of the free templates or have cost them a small amount but unless you are having traffic directed to your site, you might as well be invisible, because unless you are actively driving traffic to your site, then no-one can see your products or services and hence can’t and won’t buy from you.


  • Not just an Overnight Sensation. Good effective SEO like you can enjoy at TRISTAR, is a long lasting benefit and far outweighs the benefits of say, newspaper advertising. Today’s news? Tomorrow’s chip wrappers.


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