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We are a client-centred company passionate about educating our young drivers and thereby producing tomorrow’s road-safe parents.

Many new pupils begin their lessons with the question, “how many lessons before I can take my test?”

Dad probably had on average, a dozen or so lessons – back in the days before reverse parking, show me / tell me and independent driving.

Dad probably never saw a dual carriageway, with motorway speed conditions and more than likely learned to drive in a less efficient car with an equally inferior engine management system – and not forgetting those drum brakes!

Yet many learners (and their dads) are convinced that learning to drive can be achieved in a short period of intensely concentrated lessons – often involving expensive residential courses

I asked one parent about the apprenticeship he had undergone – “Five years,” he told me, to learn the skills; yet they expect their sons and daughters to acquire life-saving skills, in order to protect themselves and other road-users after a week-long concentrated course of lessons?

Reports suggest that a young male driver’s brain is not fully developed until the age of 25 and the portion of the brain responsible for rational thinking, and logical decision making skills, the pre-frontal Cortex, is the last part to develop fully.

At Tristar, we fully support BRAKE the national Road Safety Charity and like them, we at Tristar want to see fatalities drop (and even disappear) amongst the teenage and early twenties groups of young drivers.

Additionally, through education, we can also teach our young drivers about protecting the lives of other road users, not least of which are pedestrians

 The driving public has spoken out in favour of a minimum learning to drive period to help tackle young driver crashes, as is currently being considered by government. A survey by Brake and Direct Line revealed 84% of drivers agree we need a minimum learning period, while 69% of drivers under 25 are in favour. Brake is calling for full ‘graduated driver licensing’, including a minimum learning period and post-test restrictions, as evidence suggests it would save hundreds of lives each year.


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