I’ve Just Passed My Driving Test!

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We all remember that feeling of passing our driving test after all of that hard work.  I actually remember shouting out “I’ve just passed my driving test” and I remember venturing out in my second-hand car for the very first time…on my own.  The feeling was excitement, pure and simple.  The first thing I did was drive to my friend’s house and we drove around for a while…cruised I believe the term is.  Those were good times.  Was the hard work worth it? Yes of course.  Do I still love driving these days after all these years? Sure.

The purpose of this blog post is to provide encouragement to the following types of learners who may be feeling discouraged whilst learning to drive:

  • Young adult learner drivers – part of being young is learning and growing in confidence.  Finding the right type of driving school like TRISTAR Driving can help you with your confidence.  Although we can provide the “pass in a week” style courses, we do encourage you to learn at your own pace.  We’ll always encourage you and realise that learning to drive a car is an experience and you must be taught as an individual.
  • Older learner drivers – perhaps you’ve never learned to drive but now you’d like to learn. .  TRISTAR Driving can help you to learn how to drive at your pace.  We have a very understanding and experienced range of driving instructors throughout the UK.  Give us a try today.
  • Drivers who have lost confidence in learning – these types of learner drivers can form part of the first two categories “young adult” and “older” and may have lost confidence in learning to drive for a number of reasons.  These reasons might be that they haven’t had the most understanding instructor before – well TRISTAR can help to change your mind.  Other reasons may that they have failed to pass their practical test a few times.  This isn’t a problem the driving instructors at TRISTAR Driving have techniques to improve the chances of passing driving tests.

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Mike Dawson founded TRISTAR Driving and is a qualified driving instructor who has trained many driving instructors as well as pupils.

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