Intensive Driving Lessons

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Intensive Driving Lessons

There seems to be a growing popularity developing for Intensive driving lessons.

Perhaps they have, like numerous other goods and services, become a feature of our modern society, where the consumer has a wider choice and a growing preference for determining their individual learning rate.


A good idea?

Intensive courses are, like many other available lesson packages, a personal choice and are not suited to each and every learner driver, as  many still prefer the traditional route involving the weekly one or two hour driving lesson.

Some instructors argue that experience of the road and not just basic motor skills, can’t be taught on an intensive basis, though this becomes less of an issue where the learner is able to have private practice sessions with a family member.

The individual also determines the suitability of such courses; some people are better able to understand a new concept, such as learning to drive, when delivered on a “drip-feed” basis – whilst  a growing number now seem able to step up a gear and accept a more intensified format.


So What is available?

Many driving schools offer a range of standard packages, involving 10, 20 or 30 lessons leading up to the practical driving test and it was with these in mind that we at Tristar Driving, developed the “Flexi-Intensive course,” which are available in 11, 22 and 32 hour blocks and all include the cost of the practical driving test.

The difference in our courses is that candidates are not automatically advised of a 2, 4 or 6 day training period, followed by the test, though should the learner require, our courses can indeed be offered in this format.


In this age of customer choice becoming more and more of a key factor – and in keeping with our client-centred ethos, we decided to hand some responsibility to the learner by involving each one in the discussing of lesson plans and strategies.


Pass in a week?

Depending upon the previous levels of experience or the ability to absorb knowledge at a faster rate – our “Pass in One Week” would seem an appetising new addition to our repertoire.

We book the Practical driving test, as advised by the pupil, and then the lessons are scheduled – again with pupil involvement.

However, where requested by our pupils, we would again build in some flexibility, to accommodate our pupils’ changing requirements.


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Flexi-Intensive Courses – Tell me more

As mentioned above, not all our new drivers want  to adhere to a prescribed regime by doing a set number of hours over a set number of days – and for these people the “Flexi-Intensive Course” is ideal.

The pupil retains the right to vary/increase/decrease the hours to suit their own varying timetable and let’s face it that has to be an advantage when looking at college timetables or shift patterns in the workplace.

This new concept is designed to provide the learner driver with a greater degree of control, determined by discussion.

Gone are the days when the “Command and control” method was the order of the day (quite literally) – where pupils were confronted by fast approaching driving test appointments and the need to fit in long lesson sessions, in order to comply with the terms of the course.


Tristar Driving sets you free – free to determine your way forward.


Tristar Driving provide Intensive & Flexi-Intensive Driving Lessons in the following areas:


  • Stoke on Trent – and throughout North Staffordshire.
  • Alsager – including Church Lawton, Kidsgrove, Scholar Green, Sandbach & Holmes Chapel
  • Wickford in Essex – including Billericay, Basildon, Romford
  • Edinburgh – covering a wide area up to Cowdenbeath, Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy
  • Mansfield – Covering Sutton in Ashfield, Skegby, Huthwaite, Pinxton
  • Nottingham – widespread coverage throughout Nottinghamshire
  • Derby – coverage throughout the areas bounded by the A38 and M1


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About the Author:

Mike Dawson founded TRISTAR Driving and is a qualified driving instructor who has trained many driving instructors as well as pupils.

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