How to Tax your Car – Not your Patience!

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Now you can apply and pay for your tax disc online; – but please make sure that all of the following conditions apply:

  • That you are the vehicle’s registered keeper (It’s yours and the registration document is in your name)
  • You have already provided DVLA with your correct and current  name, address  and vehicle details.
  • You have the car tax reminder letter (V11 or V85/1) or  your registration document  (V5C)
  • Make sure your vehicle has a current  insurance certificate
  • Make sure your vehicle has a current MOT if one is applicable.

If you’re looking to tax a Goods Vehicle (HGV) or passenger service vehicle (PSV).You may also need a relevant test certificate before applying.


Your Tax disc should come in the post and usually within 14-15 days and if you applied before your old disc expired, You’ll have 14 days before you need to display the new one.


Exemption for Disabled Persons

Your Road Fund Licence, (or vehicle tax) could be affected if you are a registered disabled person; it could be reduced or you could even be exempt from any charge, depending on your disability. Follow the link for more information about how disabled persons qualify.

Exemption from vehicle tax

Are you Eligible?

You may be exempt from paying vehicle tax if you are in receipt of any of the following:

The particular vehicle must be registered in the name of the disabled person or the disabled person’s nominated driver.

The rules state that the car can only be used for the personal needs of the disabled person and cannot be for the personal use of the nominated driver.

How you should claim

If you are entitled to an exemption you should claim when you apply for the tax disc,

You have several choices when it comes to tax disc application – online, by phone, or by post. If you prefer that face-to-face contact there’s still the good old Post Office but you should check whether your chosen Post Office is one that issues Tax Discs, because not all have this facility.

Check out

To claim your exemption for disability you’ll need to have these documents handy:

  • Your exemption certificate with your exemption serial number
  • Make sure you also have your surname details, your date of birth and your National Insurance or those that apply to the exemption certificate holder.

We mentioned exemption certificate above and this should be one of the following:

  • DLA certificate of entitlement
  • PIP statement of entitlement
  • Your annual entitlement certificate
  • Document Ref:DLA404 DLA  Exemption Certificate
  • Document Ref: WPA0442 which is the War Pensioners ‘Mobility Certificate, issued by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.

If you’re claiming exemption for a vehicle for the first time, you should make do so at an issuing Post Office, because on the first occasion you would be unable to do it by phone or online.


You can obtain more information by referring to form V188 from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Authority. Alternatively have a look at.


If you’re an old car enthusiast, then you won’t need to pay road tax on a vehicle that has been manufactured before 1 January 1973 – these are classed as ‘Historic Vehicles.’








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