Franchise Opportunity




Tristar Driving School Providing Opportunities without massive investment.  

The Tristar Driving School franchise opportunity has been thoroughly researched before it was made available to driving instructors.

Ultimately, if you are a driving instructor and would like to join our team instead of going it alone then give Tristar a call now to find out your next step.

Mike Dawson, founder of Tristar Driving School, is interested in finding driving instructors throughout the UK who are interested in going him in his quest to provide a better quality learner driver experience to pupils.  Mr Dawson has noted throughout his career that many capable driving instructors who are excellent at imparting knowledge to pupils have simply failed to make enough money from their driving instructor business.  Mike puts this down to the business and marketing skills that are required but lacking from some driving instructors.

 There’s a popular book called The E-Myth Revisited which I refer you to.  The premise of the book is that, to be successful at business, you need to adopt three main characters which are The Technician, The Manager and The Entrepreneur.  Many driving instructors are fantastic at teaching learner drivers how to drive but may not have the vision to go up against the big boys in the business and grow driving schools and if they did they may not have the management skills required and/or the tenacity or want to effectively manage people.  

They, therefore, fulfill the role of The Technician but because they don’t fit the other two roles they fail to grow their business and scale it up.  Then there is the money.  Advertising and marketing costs money and many startup driving instructors may not have enough money to give their business what it deserves.  This is where Tristar comes in to lend an hand.

So why is Tristar different to the big boys in the industry? Tristar adopts the mind-set of helping others and believes that if you help others to succeed then they can help themselves to grow.  Tristar is interested in a very much amorphic structure rather than a rigid structure of management and business.  Tristar can help you succeed because Mike Dawson and his team have been where you are.  They have built up their driving school business from the ground up and now want to teach you their knowledge in running a successful driving school.  The cost of this knowledge, support and guidance is nominal.  Give Tristar a try today.