DSA clamps down on illegal driving instructors.

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As I’m sure my colleagues will agree, the road to ADI qualification is long and often expensive, with the study costs, Examination fees and the cost of additional training.
Little wonder therefore, that many of us seethe at the practice of illegal or unqualified Instruction, considering we are often faced with the results of such practice, when young Johnny comes to us with the plaintive cry “But I just want a car for my test – my dad’s mate taught me,” etc.
Often we have to tell the young chap (or young lady) that they’re just not up to test standard and that the info given to them was either wrong or out of date and often dangerous.

At TRISTAR, and I imagine every other reputable Driving School, we want to see illegal Instructors taken off our roads; Driving lessons are admittedly, an additional expense – but what price safety? And they’re still less expensive than a typical funeral.
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TRISTAR supports the BRAKE charity and West Midlands Police Camera Unit (Casualty reduction scheme)
Last month DSA and the Metropolitan police carried out a joint operation targeting illegal driving instructors in the Ilford and Barking areas.
Marked police cars were used to stop vehicles displaying L-plates and driving school signage. Candidates were asked if they had paid for instruction and instructors were asked to provide evidence of their entitlement to charge for giving lessons.

Andy Rice, DSA’s Head of Fraud and Integrity said,
During the operation, using 2 police cars, 48 vehicles with L-plates and driving school signage were stopped, the candidates asked if they’d paid for instruction and the instructors’ accreditation checked. This resulted in:
• the arrest of 1 person suspected of carrying out illegal instruction
• another person being issued with a warning and told not to instruct until they’d received their new ADI badge
• confiscation of 2 photocopied badges where the original was in another car
• confiscation of 2 out of date ADI badges
• 4 warnings for failure to display a valid badge
DSA’s Head of Fraud and Integrity, Andy Rice, said:
Operations of this nature are a vital part of our attempts to stop illegal driving instruction. Those carrying out the fraud have often not undergone any background checks, or an assessment of their ability to drive or teach, and their car insurance may also be invalid. This puts learners and other road users at risk.
I would like to thank all the approved driving instructors and members of the public who continue to give us information about illegal instruction. It is largely through their efforts that we’re able to continue our effective work in stopping fraudulent instructors.
We investigate all reported cases and work closely with the police to identify offenders and bring them to justice.

ADI Registrar, Mark Magee, said:
The message is clear: if you’re not approved by DSA, but continue to undertake paid instruction, then expect to face the penalty
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