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They always say to start the New Year off with a bang and here at Tristar, we believe our latest acquisition will be a vital catalyst in our endeavours to move the company onwards.

As of January 2nd 2014, we welcome aboard DEREK BOYD, whom I had the pleasure of training, back in 2006.


Derek always was a sharp character – keen to learn – keen to improve; ever eager to improve. When Derek and I held discussion in 2013, I think we were both already convinced that he would be joining Tristar.


 I believe he will become an even greater asset, once our pupils experience his laid-back Scots manner and avail themselves of his extensive knowledge.



Derek also brings with him a wealth of specialised experience regarding ONE WEEK INTENSIVE DRIVING COURSES and 30 HOUR 5 DAY CRASH COURSES, having enjoyed considerable success with these formats whilst with previous Driving Schools.


Of course, whilst these CRASH COURSES DRIVING LESSONS are available throughout all Tristar areas, we must also consider you potential pupils who may wish to be more flexible with your intensive lessons – and it is for you, that we have retained our very successful FLEXI-INTENSIVE DRIVING LESSONS, because we realise that you are a vital cog in our client-centred methods and accordingly, may wish to relax or intensify your lesson plans, as determined by work, school or college commitments.


Quite recently, David from Chell Heath, Stoke on Trent, began his 30 hour course determined to do as many hours as he could, in the shortest possible time. This however, didn’t last very long, due to David winning promotion at work and, alongside the increased salary there was an increased expectation from his employer that he would make himself available for sickness cover and for meetings.

David, apart from being very tired, was also becoming disillusioned with his job and disappointed that he had to reduce his lessons to a two hour Sunday morning slot.


The inevitable then happened, the loss of a contract meant reductions in staff and the newly-promoted David found himself an unfortunate casualty; two weeks later David joined the ranks of the unemployed and, whilst having received a modest severance payment, he was anxious to climb back aboard the job waggon.


Interviews came and went until he at last seemed to find the perfect job. The Interviewer liked David too – liked his CV, his appearance and his manner; only one drawback – the company required the successful candidate to hold a full driving licence.


He was somewhat dejected when we began our next lesson and during one of our regular Coaching Conversations, it emerged that passing his test was a realistic Goal – all we had to do was to bring it forward from the original date and work towards it.

I got him a test [which was an obvious cancelation] some two weeks away and David was, in his usual confident way, able to contact his potential employer with the news that he would have his licence in two weeks;

David then resumed a more intensive regime of driving lessons.

Two weeks later he did indeed pass with four driving faults and hasn’t stopped smiling since.


Clare on the other hand, was a determined young lady – had recently left the Royal Navy and wanted to do some Crash Course Driving Lessons.

No problem, I offered her our 5 Day – 30 hour Crash Course, which she considered a realistic thing to do as she had, as she put it, put life on hold until she got her driving licence.


As with all our Crash Courses, I pre-booked her test and then worked out a schedule with Clare, leaving some breathing space at the end.


This worked very successfully for Clare, where it hadn’t perhaps worked quite as well for David, although Clare had much more free time than David.


So there we have it – Crash Course Driving Lessons, 5 Day 30 Hour Courses, or Flexi-Intensive at your own pace whatever your preference, you’ll find Tristar has the solution for you.




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