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I had driven down from a visit to Manchester and was about to leave the southbound carriageway of the M6 Motorway at Junction 16.

I reflected on the hectic commuter traffic I had left some forty miles behind and the learner drivers, struggling through the traffic in a major UK city.

Tristar Driving is proud to be based in this rural idyll, where learner drivers can progress from Novice to test standard, on a variety of quiet, confidence-building, rural roads and housing estates.

Alsager appears in the Doomsday Book, as a small agricultural village and was entered in the name of “Eleacier.”

It retained this humble identity until the 1890’s when, some senior managers from the nearby pottery industry discovered Alsager’s pleasant rural setting and the convenience of the nearby railway.

Thus the small village began to grow, owing to its popularity amongst the pottery workers, until it reached its current population level of just under 12,000.

The railway had provided a handy method of commuting to Stoke on Trent, then more popularly known as the “federation of six towns.”

Our learners seem to make excellent progress during training, without the distraction of heavy traffic; most commuters seem to travel in the opposite direction along the A500 to Hanley or beyond, picking up the A50 for destinations further afield like Derby, Nottingham and Leicester.

It is quite a simple journey for the more adventurous learner, should they wish to experience a busier environment.

A little over 10 miles from Alsager – and easily accessed via the local country lanes, is Crewe – home of an exciting railway heritage.

Alternatively, the A500 also stretches to Crewe from Radway Green, should the enterprising learner require some dual carriageway experience via the Shavington bypass, which provides a modest taste of motorway conditions, in that the learner is able to drive at 70 miles per hour.

However, on leaving the M6 amidst my reflections of Manchester, I headed up a moderately fast but learner-popular road, towards Radway Green, on the outskirts of Alsager.

I contemplated how different this road and its surroundings would have looked, back in the dark days of the Second World War, when the Royal Ordinance Factory was built, to supply allied forces with much needed ammunition. With the factory came the predictable growth of Alsager, due to incoming factory workers.

Until a short time ago, Tristar drew several of its learner drivers from the Manchester Metro University Campus on Hassall road. Large numbers of university students clamoured for driving lessons and many remarked on the quiet leafy surroundings which, combined with a patient instructor, soon dispelled any initial fears about driving.

The only problem was, in late May and early June, pupil numbers fell as the students went home to all corners of the UK.

However, the reverse was true in September, as they all re-converged on Alsager to resume their driving lessons – and of course their studies.

A popular drive for the more experienced learner, took a through-route from Alsager, past the old Royal Marines wartime training camp (later to house refugees who had fled almost certain execution by the Russians), until the ruins of Mow Cop castle became visible from Scholar Green.

There are many such drives throughout our area, taking in some of the best scenery in South Cheshire or, should your needs be more Urban, you can view the area’s Industrial heritage as you journey down to Stoke on Trent, for some retail therapy in the Potteries Centre.




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